13 beaches where you can recharge while you charge your electric car

30 Jan 2023 10 mins to read
As an electric car driver, you probably already value the environment. But even if you're not a tree hugger, you can still love the beach in summer.
13 beaches where you can recharge while you charge your electric car
Summary:Here are 13 cool beaches you can visit in your electric car this summer. Near each of them is a convenient charging point.


Shonigan Lake, British Columbia

The Shonigan Lake Community Center on Vancouver Island in British Columbia offers a convenient end to those wishing to swim or go boating on the lake. Explore the history of the area at the nearby lake's Shonigan Museum, and enjoy refreshing drinks at the rustic Chipley Restaurant.

West Coast

Long Beach, Washington.

No, not a very long beach. Long Beach, Washington is a small seaside town perfect for summer trips to the Pacific Northwest. Washington's beaches don't always smell so good, so if you're brave enough to get in the water, warm up at one of Long Beach's coffee shops. If swimming isn't your thing, after an inspiring visit to the Kite Museum, rent a kite or visit the Washington State Kite Festival in the third week of August. Movie buffs can drive the 20 miles to Astoria, Oregon and see the Oregon Film Museum in that city.

Lincoln City, Oregon.

This seaside Oregon city is breathtakingly beautiful and combines culture and commerce. Admire amazing artwork at the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio or get discounts on new items at Lincoln City Outlets. It also has two beaches in one. Admire the mighty Pacific Ocean or head inland for a swim in the warm waters of the Devil's Lake State Recreation Area. From October join the Finders Keepers team and look for glass floats on the beach.

Ventura, California.

Ventura is a pretty seaside town with breathtaking views of the beautiful Santa Barbara Islands. The station shown in the photo above is located next to the Ventura Aquatic Center.

Santa Barbara, California.

Drive to the Santa Barbara Harbor and the park and start your exciting adventure. Rent a boat, surf, relax at Leadbetter Beach, have fun at Stern's Wharf Pier, look back at the Santa Barren Naval Museum or the Santa Loak Back Museum of Natural History. Whatever you choose, wherever you go, you can have a good time on the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Pismo Beach, California.

Step out of your beach suite and recharge your batteries at the Contiki Inn, or head out to explore the Pismo Beach area. Hide in dinosaur eggs at Dinosaur Cave Park or put sand between your toes at Dune Oceano Nature Preserve. While you can swim here in the summer, October to February is the best time to visit Monarch Gardens.This is also a good opportunity to increase your coverage on the 101 freeway, as this place offers a quick recharge.

Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad has beautiful warm beaches where you can surf, bike or walk. Plus, Legoland is just a short drive away, where you can keep the kids entertained. Charge your car while kids play with Lego-Makers or build a sandcastle. Collect or build both during your trip.

East Coast

Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Head to Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable. This 6 mile long beach has great views but is quite rocky so wear shoes. For softer sand, try Breakwater Beach. First, quickly load up on whole foods and snack.

Nantucket, Massachusetts.

For the ultimate Cape Cod experience, take a boat trip from Woods Hole or Hyannis Harbor on Nantucket Island. From tasting the New England Lobster Roll to visiting the historic lighthouses, you can do everything you need to do in New England here. You can bask in the sun at Nantucket's many beaches, including Madaket and Jetty.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey.

Convenient place to recharge your luggage on your way to and from the Jersey Shore party. Go to a concert at Stone Pony, where Springsteen and Bon Jovi started their careers, or relax on the beach under the sun and sand. (Sorry, Snooka is not guaranteed to appear).

Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Dolphins, adventure lessons, boating: Virginia Beach has it all. Oh yes, and exercise. Here you will never be bored.

Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are a little-known gem of a beach. The station is located in the outlet, so here you can also buy all the equipment you need for the beach.

Miami, Florida.

Welcome to Miami. Here you can recharge your batteries while driving to the beach, before dawn or before you have a nervous breakdown, depending on the occasion.

Sun, Sand, and Sustainable Transportation: The Top Beaches for EV Drivers

Summer is just around the corner, and if you're an electric vehicle (EV) driver, it's time to start planning your beach getaway. Not only do electric cars reduce pollution and promote sustainable transportation, but they also save money on gas and maintenance costs. To help you plan your next escape, we've compiled a list of the top beaches for EV drivers. So, pack your bags and charge up your batteries, and let's hit the road!

The Top 5 Beaches for EV Drivers

  • 1. Santa Monica Beach
  • 2. Miami Beach
  • 3. Waikiki Beach
  • 4. Myrtle Beach
  • 5. Ocean City Beach

1. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach in California is not only a beautiful destination, but it's also EV-friendly. With 26 EV charging stations located within a 15-mile radius, you won't have to worry about running out of juice on your way to the beach. Plus, the city's Clean Beaches program ensures that the water and sand are kept free of pollution for your enjoyment.

2. Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida is another iconic vacation spot that's perfect for EV drivers. With 48 charging stations located throughout the city, you can explore all the local hotspots without worrying about your battery. Plus, the Miami Beach Sustainability Plan aims to reduce the city's carbon footprint and promote green transportation.

3. Waikiki Beach

If you're looking for a tropical getaway, Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is the perfect destination. With 51 EV charging stations located throughout the island, you can explore the beautiful beaches and natural wonders without harming the environment. Plus, Hawaii has set a goal to be completely powered by renewable energy by 2045, making it a leading destination for sustainable tourism.

4. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a favorite among beachgoers, and it's also an EV-friendly destination. With 25 charging stations located throughout the city, you can enjoy the sandy shores and local attractions without adding to the pollution. Plus, South Carolina offers tax credits and incentives for EV drivers, making it a cost-effective option for sustainable travel.

5. Ocean City Beach

Last but certainly not least, Ocean City Beach in Maryland is a popular vacation spot that's perfect for EV drivers. With 43 charging stations scattered throughout the city, you won't have to worry about running low on energy during your stay. Plus, Maryland offers tax exemptions and incentives for EV purchases and charging station installations, making it a budget-friendly option for sustainable transportation.

Key Takeaways

  • EVs promote sustainable transportation and reduce pollution.
  • EVs save money on gas and maintenance costs.
  • Santa Monica Beach, Miami Beach, Waikiki Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Ocean City Beach are all EV-friendly destinations.
  • Local governments are implementing sustainable transportation plans and offering tax credits and incentives for EV drivers.

In conclusion, sustainable transportation is crucial to preserving our planet and ensuring a better future for generations to come. By choosing to drive an electric vehicle, you can enjoy all the perks of a beach vacation without harming the environment. With these top destinations for EV drivers, you can soak up the sun, enjoy the sand, and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time.

Recharge Your Batteries And Your Electric Car at These Stunning Beaches

Living in the digital era means that we rely heavily on electronic devices to stay connected with the world around us. From smartphones to laptops, we need these gadgets to keep us working and socializing on the go. However, as a result, we often neglect the importance of recharging our own batteries and disconnecting from our screens. That's where taking a beach getaway comes in to give you the ultimate recharge! And for those with an electric car, you're in luck - we've found the top beaches where you can charge up both your car and your own energy levels.

Kailua Beach, Hawaii

Kailua Beach, located on the island of Oahu, is a prime spot for lovers of water sports and endless white sand. Not only is it a beautiful place for a vacation, but it's also an eco-friendly spot for electric car drivers with its 110V charger station nearby. After enjoying a day of surfing and sunshine, plug your car in and let it charge up, while you relax on the shore or indulge in the local cuisine.

Southampton Beach, New York

New York City may be the concrete jungle, but Long Island's Southampton Beach offers a serene escape packed with country charm. With its electric vehicle charging station, you can rest easy knowing your car will be ready when you are. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while your vehicle powers up with zero emissions thanks to the EV station powered by solar panels.

Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island

Narragansett Beach is a picturesque destination for nature lovers and beach-goers alike. Here, visitors can take in the beauty of the rugged coastline while their electric vehicle gets a boost from the charging station located nearby. While you explore the trails or take a dip, you can rest assured that your car is charging up, ready for the next adventure.

Santa Monica Beach, California

The palm trees and coastline of Santa Monica Beach make it an iconic location for tourists and locals alike. With its Tesla Destination Charging, electric car users can enjoy the perks of this beach destination without worrying about running out of battery. Spend your day walking the historic pier and shops, then return to your fully charged vehicle to continue exploring the beauty of California.

Rockaway Beach, New York

If you need to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City, look no further than Rockaway Beach. Known for its surfing and breathtaking ocean views, it's also a great place for electric car drivers to recharge. With its ChargePoint charging station, visitors can power up while they chill out on the sand.

The Bottom Line

Being eco-friendly doesn't mean compromising on luxury vacation destinations, and these beaches are the proof. Not only do they offer stunning views and water activities, but they're also equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. Each provides a unique experience for nature lovers, surfers, and vacationers alike. So don't hesitate to get excited about planning your next beach getaway and take advantage of these top locations with charging stations available.

  • Charging up your electric vehicle while relaxing on the beach
  • Multiple stunning locations across the country
  • Enjoy zero emissions thanks to solar-powered charging stations
  • Rest easy knowing your vehicle will be ready to go
  • Unwind and recharge from your regular routine and your electronic devices

With unique experiences and a green-friendly attitude, these top beach destinations offer a vacation experience like no other. Whether you're looking for surfing, sand, or exploring, you can rest easy knowing your electric car and your personal energy levels will both be recharged for the next adventure.

Drive Green and Enjoy the Beach Life: 13 Coastal Destinations for Electric Car Owners

Are you a proud owner of an electric car? No need to worry about fuel prices or carbon emissions. You can now take your eco-friendly vehicle on a coastal adventure while still being kind to the environment. Here are 13 of the best destinations for electric car owners to enjoy the beach life while minimizing their carbon footprint.

1. Monterey, California

  • 5,400 public charging ports
  • One of the most scenic coastlines
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium to visit while you charge

Monterey has the most number of public charging stations in California. Plus, the scenery is breathtaking, and you can charge your car while you enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon

  • 2 charging stations within the city limits
  • Great for surfing and hiking

Cannon Beach is a charming coastal city in Oregon that offers electric vehicle charging stations within its city limits. Enjoy the calm beaches, great hiking, and surfing while your electric car is charging.

3. Long Beach Island, New Jersey

  • 12 charging stations
  • Home to the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences

Take your electric car on a serene drive to Long Beach Island located off the coast of New Jersey. Here you will find a good number of EV charging stations, plus the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences to keep you entertained.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 670 charging stations
  • Average temperature of 85 degrees

Honolulu is the perfect destination for beach lovers and electric car owners. Not only does it have a high number of charging stations, but the temperature is perfect all year round, so you can just drive and enjoy the sun and sand.

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • 16 charging stations
  • More than 60 miles of sandy beaches

Ever wanted to see more than 60 miles of sandy beaches? Add Myrtle Beach to your list of coastal destinations for your electric car. Although not many charging stations are available, you can always visit the beach while charging your car.

6. Newport, Rhode Island

  • 15 charging stations
  • Stunning mansions and scenery

Newport, Rhode Island, is an excellent destination for electric car owners. Charging stations are available, and the scenic views of mansions and the coastline make it a great experience.

7. Electric Vehicle Road Trip in Florida

  • 1,180 charging stations
  • Beautiful beaches and scenic drives

There's no need to worry about running out of charge in Florida with its 1,180 charging stations. Take a scenic drive on the west or east coast route, and enjoy the beautiful beaches as you charge your car.

8. Kennebunkport, Maine

  • 10 charging stations within 10 miles
  • A quintessential New England village

Kennebunkport, Maine, is a typical New England village with electric vehicle charging stations located within 10 miles. Stroll the beaches and town while your car charges.

9. Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • 7 public charging ports within city limits
  • Landscapes of sand dunes and lighthouses

Drive your electric car to Virginia Beach and enjoy the scenery and beach life. Seven public charging ports are available within the city limits, and the landscapes of sand dunes and lighthouses are picturesque.

10. Ogunquit, Maine

  • 10 charging stations within 20 miles
  • Quaint village and scenic coastline

Ogunquit, Maine, is a coastal New England village that offers sceneries of the scenic coastline. There are ten charging stations within 20 miles, so no fear of running out of charge.

11. Destin, Florida

  • 9 charging stations within city limits
  • Emerald colored beaches and beautiful sunset views

Destin, Florida, is another great location for electric car owners, with nine charging stations located within city limits. Enjoy emerald-colored beaches and beautiful sunset views while your car charges.

12. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • 30-plus charging stations
  • A perfect mix of beaches, seafood, and history

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a perfect mix of beaches, seafood, and history. With over 30 charging stations available, you can explore this beautiful destination in your electric car without any worry.

13. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

  • 10-plus charging stations within 15 miles
  • Beautiful small-town beach with boardwalk

Take a road trip to Rehoboth Beach and enjoy the small-town vibe. Electric charging stations are scattered within 15 miles, and the beautiful boardwalk and beach make it worth the trip.

Final Thoughts

Electric car owners have plenty of coastal destinations to explore. From the east coast to the west coast, there are beautiful beaches, scenic drives, and sites to see. Pack your bags, grab your electric car, and enjoy the beach life while keeping the earth green and healthy.

Hit the Beach with Zero Emissions: Where to Charge Your EV While Enjoying the Sun

Summer days are upon us, and what better way to spend them than hitting the beach? But if you're an environmentally-conscious person and want to reduce your carbon footprint, then taking your Electric Vehicle (EV) to the beach should be your go-to option.

In this blog post, we're going to share with you some of the best spots where you can charge your EV while enjoying the sun. Let's dive in!

Why Taking Your EV to the Beach Makes Sense

Before we get started with the list of places where you can charge your EV on the beach, let's take a moment to discuss why taking your EV to the beach makes sense:

  • Electricity is cheaper than gas, making it more cost-effective to travel to the beach with your EV
  • Driving an EV means that you won't produce any harmful emissions that contribute to climate change
  • You'll be able to enjoy the serene sound of the waves, knowing that you're doing your part for the environment

Where to Charge Your EV on the Beach

Now that we've established why taking your EV to the beach is the eco-friendliest way to go, it's time to look at the various spots where you can charge your EV while enjoying the sun.

1. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is one of the most popular beaches in California, and it has a few electric vehicle charging stations that make it convenient for EV drivers to charge their cars. The charging stations are located at the south end of parking lot 1.

  • The charging stations have a maximum charging rate of 8 miles per hour
  • There are 7 charging ports available, but they are first come, first serve basis
  • The cost of charging is free, but you'll need to pay for parking

2. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is another popular destination for beachgoers, and it also has a charging station that EV drivers can use. The charging station is located on the second floor of the parking garage on Hermosa Ave near 13th Street.

  • The charging port has a maximum charging rate of 25 miles per hour
  • There is only one charging port available
  • The cost of charging is free, but you'll need to pay for parking

3. Miami Beach

If you happen to be in Miami and want to hit the beach with your EV, then Miami Beach is your best bet. There are two electric vehicle charging stations available on Miami Beach, and they're located on the 7th floor of the parking garage at Collins Avenue - between 16th and 17th Streets.

  • The charging stations have a maximum charging rate of 6.6 kW
  • There are 4 charging ports available, but they are first come, first serve basis
  • The cost of charging is free, but you'll need to pay for parking


Going to the beach in your EV is not only a great way to have fun while being eco-friendly, but it's also an opportunity to show off your car and encourage others to follow in your footsteps. So, next time you're planning a trip to the beach, make sure you hit one of the charging stations mentioned above to charge your car and have peace of mind that you're doing your part for the environment.

Beach Getaways for Eco-Friendly Travelers: Electric Car Charging Stations Included

Summer time and the livin’ is easy, but what about the impact we have on the planet when we travel?

Many people are becoming more mindful of their footprint and looking for eco-friendly alternatives when traveling for leisure. Luckily, there are plenty of beach getaways that cater to sustainable tourism, including electric car charging stations as part of their green initiatives.

Why go eco-friendly?

Before diving into beach getaways for eco-friendly travelers, let’s take a moment to discuss why it’s important to make environmentally-conscious choices when traveling.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Support local communities and cultures
  • Preserve nature and wildlife
  • Encourage sustainable tourism

Top beach getaways for eco-travelers

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Here are some top beach getaways for eco-friendly travelers:

1. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is known for its stunning turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The town is also becoming a hotspot for eco-tourism thanks to its focus on sustainability and conservation. The beaches feature electric car charging stations, and there are plenty of eco-tours available to learn about the local ecosystem.

2. Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao Island is a hidden gem in the Philippines, known for its world-class surfing and laid-back island vibes. The island has made a commitment to sustainable tourism and offers electric car charging stations for visitors who want to explore the island more consciously.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is known for its stunning beaches and natural beauty, but the island is also committed to eco-tourism. Many hotels and resorts offer electric car charging stations for guests, and the town of Lahaina features a self-guided walking tour that highlights the town’s green initiatives and sustainability efforts.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a mecca for eco-tourists, with its lush rainforests, volcanoes, and eco-lodges. The country has made a commitment to sustainability, with many hotels and resorts featuring electric car charging stations and eco-tours that highlight the local ecosystem and wildlife.

5. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, but the island has also made a commitment to sustainability. The island features electric car charging stations, and the local government has implemented a recycling program to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Key takeaways

So, what can we learn from these top beach getaways for eco-friendly travelers?

  • Eco-tourism is on the rise
  • Electric car charging stations are becoming more common
  • Local communities and governments are taking steps towards sustainability and conservation
  • Travelers can make a positive impact on the planet by making conscious choices when planning their beach getaways

Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to sustainable tourism. By supporting eco-friendly beach getaways and making environmentally-conscious choices, we can help preserve our planet for future generations.

Relax and Recharge: Discover These Electric Car-Friendly Beaches

Are you tired of the hassle of finding a place to charge your electric car while on a beach vacation? Don't let this minor inconvenience ruin your time at the shore. In this article, we'll explore the top electric car-friendly beaches that allow you to relax and recharge simultaneously.

1. Santa Monica State Beach

Located in Southern California, Santa Monica State Beach is a popular destination for beachgoers and electric car drivers alike. The beach offers multiple EV charging stations, and you can even reserve a spot online through the Greenlots app. While your car is charging up, you can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and Santa Monica Pier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Multiple EV charging stations available
  • Can reserve a spot online through Greenlots app
  • Stunning views of ocean and Santa Monica Pier

2. Gulf State Park Beach

Gulf State Park Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama is another popular destination for beach enthusiasts and electric car drivers. The beach features five EV charging stations, four of which are located in the main parking lot and one at the Nature Center. While your car is charging, you can spend your time exploring the park's natural beauty, including its abundant wildlife and diverse plant species.

Key Takeaways:

  • Five EV charging stations
  • Abundant wildlife and diverse plant species in park

3. Ocean City State Park

Located in Ocean City, Washington, this picturesque beach has a lot to offer electric car drivers. The park features two EV charging stations, along with a variety of recreational activities, including beachcombing, hiking, and birdwatching. Plus, the park is only a short drive away from the popular tourist destination of Ocean Shores.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two EV charging stations
  • Recreational activities include beachcombing, hiking, and birdwatching
  • Short drive away from Ocean Shores

4. Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina offers its own unique blend of nature, history, and relaxation to beachgoers. The park features three EV charging stations and offers a variety of activities, including swimming, fishing, and birdwatching. The park is also home to the historic Atalaya Castle, a 30-room mansion built in 1931 that is open to the public for tours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Three EV charging stations
  • Activities include swimming, fishing, and birdwatching
  • Historic Atalaya Castle open for public tours

5. Waikiki Beach

No list of electric car-friendly beaches would be complete without mentioning Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The beach features a Tesla Supercharger station and a variety of recreational activities, including surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. After a day of soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean, you can recharge your car at the supercharger and head out for a night on the town.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla Supercharger station available
  • Recreational activities include surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling
  • Nightlife opportunities in Honolulu after a day at the beach


There are great beaches across the United States that are also electric car-friendly. Whether you're looking for the fun in the sun in Southern California or the natural beauty of the Gulf Shores in Alabama, there's a beach out there for you and your electric car. So don't let charging your car be a hassle and head to one of these beautiful beaches today.

Get Away and Stay Charged: The Best Beaches for Electric Car Owners

Summer is just around the corner, and the search for the perfect beach getaway is on. If you're an electric car owner, you might be wondering if your vehicle can handle a long drive to the shore. With more and more charging stations popping up around the country, the answer is yes! Here are some of the best beach destinations for electric car owners, where you can stay charged and soak up the sun.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

  • Located just outside of Charleston, Folly Beach is a laid-back and dog-friendly beach town.
  • The city installed multiple charging stations in recent years, including a Solar-Powered EV Charging Station at the Folly River Park.
  • If you're in need of a quick charge, you can plug in for free at the Folly Beach Pier.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to explore nearby historic Charleston, which has more than a dozen EV charging stations of its own.

Santa Monica Beach, California

  • California is a haven for electric vehicle drivers, and Santa Monica Beach is no exception.
  • The city has more than 20 EV-friendly parking spots with charging stations right on the beach.
  • While you wait for your car to charge, take advantage of the nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  • You can also park your EV at a nearby hotel like the Shore Hotel, which offers charging stations for guests.

South Padre Island, Texas

  • This picturesque island off the coast of Texas is a popular spot for sun-seekers and water-sports enthusiasts alike.
  • If you're driving down in your EV, you can take advantage of the charging station located inside the island's new South Padre Island Convention Centre.
  • You can also head to the Pearl South Padre Beach Resort and Spa, which offers multiple electric vehicle charging ports.
  • And once you're fully charged, you can soak up the island's vibrant nightlife or take a relaxing stroll on the beach.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • Virginia Beach is a popular East Coast destination that offers plenty of EV charging options.
  • The city has installed more than 20 EV charging stations in various locations, including Town Center and the Virginia Aquarium.
  • If you're staying at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel, you can take advantage of the on-site EV charging station.
  • And once you're ready to hit the beach, you can enjoy the sand, surf, and boardwalk.

Key West, Florida

  • If you're looking for a tropical getaway, Key West is the place to be.
  • The island offers multiple charging stations, including one at the new Welcome Center.
  • You can also charge up your EV at the Pier House Resort and Spa or the Margaritaville Key West Resort and Marina.
  • And once you're fully charged, you can take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or explore the island's rich history and culture.

From coast to coast, these destinations offer plenty of opportunities for EV owners to stay charged and enjoy the beach life. And with the growing number of charging stations nationwide, there's no better time to take your electric vehicle on a seaside adventure.

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Which beach has the most charging stations?
Yes! I was there last month and it was so convenient to charge while watching the sunset. 10/10 recommend. 🌅👌🚗
How fast do these charging stations work anyways? ⏱️🚗⚡️
lamonica urban5/21/2023, 4:30:56 PM
Anyone been to Huntington Beach yet? Heard they have some dope charging stations by the pier! 🏄‍♂️⚡️
Holli Jongeling5/19/2023, 1:34:40 PM
That's so true! And Manhattan Beach has the cutest little cafes and shops to check out too. 😍☕️🛍️
SoCal beaches always have the best vibes. Can't wait to hit Manhattan Beach with my Tesla! 🏄‍♀️🚗⚡️
It varies between the different locations. Some are free, some have a small fee, and others require a paid parking pass that includes charging. 🤔💸🚗
Leslie Macvicar5/12/2023, 6:53:21 PM
I personally love Newport Beach. The views of the ocean and cliffs are unbeatable! 🌊👀🚗⚡️
Atlantic City, baby! I'm gonna hit the slots while my car juices up. 🎰🚗⚡️
Actually, yes! A few of them have Tesla Superchargers, like Santa Monica and Laguna Beach. 🤩🚀⚡️
Cira Priesmeyer4/24/2023, 2:24:55 PM
Do any of these beaches have the option for solar charging? Trying to be eco-friendly all the way! 🌞🚗
Does anyone know if any of these beaches have Tesla-specific charging stations? 🔌🚗
Sorry, don't think any of them do. But it's still better than pumping gas and damaging the environment, ya know? 😬🌍⚡️
Which beach has the best scenery while you charge? 🏖️🚗⚡️
Don't forget to hit the beach too! The water is perfect this time of year. 🌊👍🏖️⚡️

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