TOP 10 tips to boost your business’ energy efficiency
Energy savings

TOP 10 tips to boost your business’ energy efficiency

25 Oct 20215 mins to read

An energy-efficient business is also a profitable one as it benefits from ultimate energy savings. We hope that our tips were helpful to you and you’ll get to use some of them in the future. Remember that sustainable growth is all about how efficient you are in all aspects of doing business. That includes how you save on energy and pave the way to a healthier and more efficient work environment.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. After all, you need to handle all the paperwork, define company goals, take care of your staff, attend endless meetings, and generally have a bunch of super-important things to run every day. And then there’s the energy efficiency. Sure, it may seem less significant than some other matters you attend to, but trust us – businesses nationwide are overpaying an enormous amount every year due to them lacking energy efficiency.

When referring to energy efficiency, we also imply energy savings – the measures and steps that could potentially result in tangible ROI that will significantly lower operations costs and lead to a sustainable business model.

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At Energy5, we realize how important it is to put the best industry practices into play on time and by the book. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of TOP 10 tips that are meant to help your business achieve greater energy efficiency within the very least amount of time possible:

1) Switch your energy supplier. Suppose your business is operating within a Deregulated Market. In that case, it makes the most sense to try and find a cheaper energy supplier that would allow you to save on electricity and natural gas. The process may seem tedious at first, especially if you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, though – the Energy5 platform will take care of everything on your behalf. The automated software will perform a lightning-fast analysis of your local market to help you establish the most profitable energy prices asap. Besides the cost savings, the customer can pick the greenest source of energy. So take advantage of the benefits of both worlds: save money and decrease your carbon footprint!

2) Enlist in one of the Demand Response programs. Demand Response aims to improve grid load management and encourages businesses to participate in this initiative by reducing their energy consumption during peak load periods. It could potentially save you a substantial sum and embellish your company’s image. Think about it – you get paid for simply lowering your energy consumption, and you get to rejoice at the possibility of making a real difference for the entire community!

3) Get a LED retrofit. Traditional incandescent bulbs are far less efficient in terms of generating tangible energy savings. The LED technology is not only a great asset for your business’ fight for minimizing its carbon footprint – it’s also a very lucrative way to save on energy and reduce your electricity bills which will consequently lead to greater energy efficiency!

4) Take care of your HVAC systems. The thing is – too many businesses neglect the need for proper HVAC maintenance. It’s a mistake that one needs to avoid as it does lead to certain energy wasting. If you fail to clean or change your HVAC filters, there’s a pretty big chance that your entire system will be consuming way too much energy, putting a lot of pressure on both the grid and your wallet.

5) Don’t neglect the natural light. Nearly any office out there is switching the lights on in every single premise, even when it’s sunny outside. Big mistake. Using natural light to cover some of your business’ needs may prove beneficial from a couple of standpoints – you can save on energy and get all the perks of sunshine, including less pressure on those weary eyes and more vitamin D that’s essential for a healthy life. Put that in your checklist.

6) Turn off the office equipment you’re not using. Any office has tons of equipment that’s there for a variety of purposes. However, not all of those appliances are used regularly. In fact, some of them are there to collect dust and consume energy. You’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll be able to save by simply switching the office equipment you don’t really need to use daily.

7) Apply power management software solutions. It sounds a bit complicated, but in truth, it’s enough to put office computers into sleep mode more often. It will allow your business to avoid wasting energy during the time of inactivity. You can take it a step further and purchase accessible commercial power management software that will regulate energy consumption smartly and efficiently. Like, you know, those sensors designed to switch the lights on only when someone triggers them. Sweet stuff.

8) Use your refrigerators efficiently. Simply cleaning office fridges and replacing their door gaskets will allow you to boost your workplace’s energy efficiency up a notch. Furthermore, it will enable the fridges to retain coolness a while longer and help keep your food from spoiling. Though simple maintenance won't be enough if the fridge is more than 10-15 years old. Such an outdated appliance is inferior to anything available on the market right now. If anything, it will drain even more energy as you go, so consider buying a new one in this case.

9) Consider electric vehicles for your fleet. The future is already here. As more and more EVs are roaming the roads of all major cities nationwide, it would be unwise to waste money on fuel when you can easily save a lot more by switching your fleet to all-electric cars. Sure, this may be a costly step for your business at first. But the ROI you’ll get will cover any expenses and lead to sustainable energy efficiency in the future.

10) Make the most of virtual meetings. The pandemic set the tone for virtual communication. So why not use it to your benefit? If there’s a possibility to start a virtual discussion instead of a face-to-face conversation, grab it and use it to lower the costs of arranging a meeting yourself. Especially if you need to take a long trip to your destination beforehand.

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