California's Upcoming Electric Car Charging Stations Could Become All the Rage



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13 Jun 2023 5 mins to read

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California electric car charging stations are having a real moment. These newfangled cradles of charge could revolutionize the way Californians get around. With an estimated one million electric vehicles on the road in the state, it’s clear that demand for charge-up spaces is on the rise.
California's Upcoming Electric Car Charging Stations Could Become All the Rage

Here’s what you need to know about the forthcoming charging stations and why they’re cause for celebration.

What’s Up with the New Stations?

  • The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved a plan to build electric vehicle charging stations across the state.
  • These stations will be located in public areas and in office buildings, malls, and other locations.
  • It is estimated that this plan will create around 11,000 electric vehicle charging stations.
  • The approval of this plan has been well-received throughout California, as many are thrilled about the convenience of charging electric vehicles when away from home.

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The electric vehicle charging stations are sure to add a level of convenience to folks’ lives. Gone are the days of having to find a friend or family with a garage or a parking spot to charge up; now, electric vehicle owners can just stop in at one of the many charging stations and give their vehicle a pump.

The Cost of Convenience

Electric vehicle charging stations are always going to come with a cost – and in this case, that cost is set to be a hefty one. Californians will most likely have to pay an extra fee on their electric bills to pay for the construction of the new charging stations.

The cost is expected to be between $15 and $25 per electric customer, per month. This seems like a small price to pay for the convenience of all-day charging.

California Electric Car Charging Stations: The Future is Now

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All in all, the addition of electric vehicle charging stations across California is welcomed by electric vehicle enthusiasts. This is the perfect example of how technology & innovation can make our lives easier. The future isn’t just coming – it’s already here.

So, if you’re an electric car owner in California, don’t be alarmed by the extra fee on your power bill; it’s just nature’s way of paying for the convenience of charging your vehicle when you’re away from home. It’s probably safe to expect that these electric car charging stations will become much more popular over time, so make sure to make use of them whenever you need a top-up.

Charge Up and Get on the Road California Network of Electric Car Stations Expanding Soon

The Present State of California's Electric Car Network

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Electric car charging stations have been around for quite some time, but it wasn't until Tesla debuted its Supercharger network in 2012 that electric cars started gaining more attention. California was one of the first states where the Supercharger network was installed, and now the state has over 20,000 charging stations. Most of these charging stations are located in urban areas, but there are still gaps in places like rural areas and state highways.

The Future of California's Electric Car Network

Despite already having a sizable electric car network, California isn't stopping there. Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an executive order with a goal to get 250,000 electric vehicle chargers installed throughout the state by 202 A task force has been formed to make this goal a reality, with a focus on developing public-private partnerships to fund the expansion. This expansion will not only make it easier for Californians to charge their cars but also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

Benefits of Charging Stations Expansion

The expansion of California's electric car network provides numerous benefits to electric car owners. Here are some key advantages:
  • More charging stations = more opportunities to charge your car and have peace of mind, which expands the range and overall convenience of electric cars.
  • Easier accessibility in rural areas enables electric cars to become more mainstream and get widespread usage.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is beneficial not only for California's environment but also contributes to the fight against climate change.
  • Additional charging stations at tourist attractions and lodging sites will make it easier for visitors to travel to different parts of California without the need for a gas-powered car.

Conclusion - Charge Up and Get on the Road

As California continues to lead the way in the adoption of electric vehicles, expanding the electric car network is the next logical step. The addition of more charging stations in California will allow for greater convenience, increased adoption, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In the coming years, if you're driving an electric car in California, you'll be able to charge up and get on the road with ease.

Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety New EV Charging Stations Coming to California

New Stations, New Solutions

The company EVgo, one of the largest charging station providers in the United States, is now deploying 400 charging stations at convenient locations across the state, making it faster and easier than ever to recharge your EV. These stations will be compatible with any electric car, not just Teslas.

As well as the additional stations, the EVgo platform boasts a range of innovative features, including:

  • 24/7 customer support that is accessible in various languages.
  • A convenient mobile app that allows you to locate the nearest charging station and check its availability, among other features.
  • Real-time updates about your charging status and the facility's anticipated wait times, so you'll always know how long you might have to wait before plugging your car in.

Advantages of an EV

Aside from charging convenience, electric cars boast a wide range of other benefits:

  • Environmental sustainability: Unlike their gasoline counterparts, EVs produce no direct emissions, making them more eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: EVs need less frequent servicing, and as they have fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles, they tend to be less prone to maintenance issues.
  • Increased fuel efficiency: Not only are EVs cheaper to run than gasoline-powered cars, they're also more fuel-efficient, so you'll spend less time and money at the pump.
  • Improved driving experience: EVs tend to be quieter, smoother, and provide a more seamless driving experience than traditional vehicles, due to their electric engines.

Key Takeaways

The expansion of California’s EV charging network is a highly positive step. When there are more charging stations available on high-traffic routes, range anxiety fades away, making it easier for people to switch to EVs. This announcement comes at an opportune moment, as California Governor Gavin Newsom recently made headlines after announcing an executive order that would ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in the state by 203 The result of such bans is an increased market demand for EVs in the future, and securing reliable and convenient charging stations is crucial.

As more and more people make the switch to electric vehicles, EV charging stations need to continue evolving to meet demand. Companies like EVgo are playing a key role in this process, making driving an electric car easier than ever before.

The Future of Driving California Electric Car Stations on the Verge of Explosive Growth

But with more electric cars on the road, there's an increased demand for charging stations.

The Current State of Electric Car Charging Stations

Currently, there are over 26,000 electric car charging stations in the United States, with nearly 5,000 of those stations located in California alone. Despite the impressive number of stations, there are still some challenges. For one, electric car charging stations are not as common as gas stations, which means you might have to go out of your way to find one. Secondly, not all charging stations offer fast charging, which can be frustrating for drivers who need to charge their vehicles quickly.

What the Future Holds for Charging Stations in California

Despite the current challenges, the future looks bright for electric car charging stations in California. Here are some key facts:

  • California has set a goal to have 250,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 202
  • Around 64 percent of new electric vehicle sales in the United States are in California, making it a key battleground for automakers.
  • The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved $437 million in funding for 38,000 electric car charging stations in the state.

With these developments, it's clear that California is serious about supporting electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure. As the state aims to increase the number of charging stations, drivers will have more options when it comes to charging their vehicles. They won't have to worry as much about range anxiety or being stranded on the side of the road because they can't find a charging station.

The Benefits of Electric Car Charging Stations

There are many benefits to having more electric car charging stations. Here are just a few:

  • Reduced carbon emissions. Electric cars are much better for the environment than gasoline-powered cars. When more people switch to electric cars, it can help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Cheaper fuel costs. Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline, which means you can save money on fuel costs by driving an electric car.
  • Less noise pollution. Electric cars are much quieter than gasoline-powered cars, which can help cut down on noise pollution in urban areas.

The Bottom Line

As the number of electric cars on California's roads continues to grow, so will the demand for electric car charging stations. With the state's commitment to expanding charging infrastructure, drivers will have more options and less range anxiety. Electric cars not only offer environmental benefits but also economic and social benefits. It's no wonder that California is leading the way in electric vehicle adoption, and the growth of electric car charging stations is just another example of that leadership.

California Electric Revolution Upcoming Charging Stations Set to Change the Game

California’s goal is to install 250,000 EV charging stations by 202 That’s a bold move that will put the state at the forefront of the EV industry. In fact, the state intends to have 5 million EVs on the road by 2030. The upcoming EV charging stations are set to change the game and here’s how.

EV Charging Stations Overview

It’s no secret that the biggest challenge for EV owners is charging the vehicles. Unpredictable traffic, range anxiety, and the lack of charging are issues that discourage buyers from getting an EV. However, that’s changing as the state focuses on infrastructure development. The EV charging stations are key to encouraging the adoption of EVs. They can be installed in public spaces like parking lots, businesses and private residences. They typically come in three levels, each with specific charging speeds:
  • Level 1 – Charging time: 8-12 hours. This charger is connected directly to an EV and is best suited for home charging.
  • Level 2 – Charging time: 3-8 hours. This charger is faster than a Level 1 charger and requires a dedicated charging station with 240 volts.
  • Level 3 – Charging time: 30-45 minutes. This charger is the fastest of the three and uses Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) technology to charge EVs at a rate of 350 kW per hour.

Benefits of New EV Charging Stations

The upcoming EV charging stations in California come with some notable benefits for drivers. Here are some of them:
  • Reduced EV charging time – Owners will no longer have to wait for hours to fully charge their EVs. The fast DCFC technology used in Level 3 chargers takes between 30 to 45 minutes to fully charge an EV. That’s significantly faster than the current AC chargers that can take up to 5 hours to charge the same EV.
  • Clean energy – The EV charging stations will be powered by clean energy sources, such as solar or wind power. This means that users’ carbon footprint will be significantly reduced making EVs an attractive option for environmentally-conscious buyers.
  • Increased access to charging infrastructure – With more EV charging stations in the state, range anxiety will be less of a concern for EV drivers. Drivers will have more options to juice up their vehicles, making road trips or commuting smoother.

The Volkswagen Settlement

The Volkswagen (VW) settlement is another game changer for California. In 2016, VW was investigated and their diesel-engine emissions were found to violate air pollution standards. The company was later fined $17 billion. California received $423 million from VW’s settlement to invest in EV infrastructure projects. This investment is expected to fast-track the installation of EV charging stations and increase EV adoption in the state.


With California’s ambitious goals and the upcoming EV charging stations, electric revolution is underway. The state is taking big steps to encourage the adoption of EVs in the state, and these new charging stations are one of the ways California is revolutionizing its EV infrastructure. We can expect to see a surge in EV adoption in the coming years and EV owners will have quicker and more convenient charging options. The California Electric Revolution is a win for EV owners and for the environment.

Plugging in to the Future Get Ready for California Next Big Thing -- Electric Car Charging Stations

The Benefits of Electric Cars Charging Stations

More drivers are waking up to the environmental and cost-savings benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid car. However, consumers may face range anxiety, or fear of being stranded without sufficient power or charging facilities during a longer journey, as they switch to electric transportation. Providing more charging infrastructure has several benefits:

  • Encourages adoption of electric cars and hybrid vehicles to cut carbon emissions from the transportation sector;
  • Provides new revenue streams for businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and other locations that install EV chargers;
  • Boosts local economies by creating jobs and attracting tourists;
  • Facilitates the shift to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, that can power the electric grid.

California Leads the Nation in Electric Vehicle Adoption

California has become the nation's leading market for electric cars, with more than 740,000 on the roads as of 2021, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation. The Golden State represents almost half of all EV sales in the country and boasts world-class innovation hubs, including Silicon Valley-based companies that specialize in electric car technology and charging infrastructure.

The state has ambitious plans for electric charging infrastructure, including a goal to have 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 202 The Green California initiative provides incentives for clean technologies, including EV charging stations, and aims to make it easier for Californians to own an electric vehicle. The state has also imposed strict regulations requiring car manufacturers to sell more zero-emission vehicles in the state in the coming years.

The Future of Electric Car Charging Stations

As more Californians switch to electric vehicles, there will be a growing demand for the infrastructure to support them. Entrepreneurs and energy companies are investing in public EV charging stations to meet public demand and drive further adoption of clean transport. Meanwhile, technological advances, including the emergence of wireless charging technology, promise to make the user experience even more efficient and seamless.

The California Energy Commission is leading efforts to develop the state's electric charging infrastructure, with a target of 250,000 charging points by 202 The agency recently approved more than $45 million in grants to support the development of 153 fast-charging stations, offering more than 1,000 new charging ports across California highways and major routes. This will increase the driving range and the convenience of charging for drivers.

Key Takeaways

  • Electric vehicle adoption is growing in California, where drivers are seeing the environmental and cost-savings benefits of EV ownership;
  • Installing publicly accessible charging stations provides many benefits, such as encouraging the adoption of electric cars and boosting local economies.
  • California has ambitious goals for electric charging infrastructure, with a target of 250,000 charging points by 2025, which will drive further adoption of clean transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion, electric car charging stations are a critical component in the state's pursuit of sustainable transportation. As California continues to lead the nation in adopting greener policies, residents are encouraged to embrace electric vehicles and enjoy the benefits of access to fast, efficient, and convenient charging stations.

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Energy5 EV Charging solutions comprise a full range of end-to-end turnkey services for businesses. From permitting to incentive acquisition to installation, management software, and down-the-road maintenance, Energy5 streamlines the whole process every step of the way.
300 W Somerdale Rd, Suite 5, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043
Email address
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