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25-foot charging cable

for maximum freedom

Locking mount

for secure installation, indoors and out

Up to 8x faster charge

7.2-7.7kW for faster charging

Weather tight

NEMA 4 - indoor or outdoor use

EV Charging Stations

Our EV Charging Stations are built to last! Designed with ease of use in mind and unprecedented compatibility, our chargers are highly reliable, scalable, and intuitive, making the charging process efficient and straightforward for everyone!

EV Charging Network

Put your business on the EV Charging map! Our intuitive, user-centered platform allows you to join the ever-growing ranks of EV Charging solutions nationwide! Make your business more appealing to both your customers and your workforce.

EV Charging Platform

Manage, track, and upgrade your charging stations using our in-house charging management software. Optimize your entire EV Charging infrastructure and monitor its development with little to no effort, using our cutting-edge software that's tailored to your needs.

Why EV Charging?

Electric vehicles are no longer a mere gimmick but a tangible alternative to standard ICE cars. It's due to several factors. Among them are increased performance, lower emissions that eliminate the notorious carbon footprint, and accessible "fuel." As EV sales grow exponentially, so too the need for quality EV Charging infrastructure. By installing EV Charging stations for your business, you have plenty of benefits to consider.
Why EV Charging?

Attract new customers

As more people purchase EVs, your place of business will not only appear on the nationwide map of the EV Charging stations – it will also become more appealing to EV owners.

Increase business value

A business with EV chargers on its premises automatically becomes more prospective in potential investors' eyes and grants its owner numerous privileges.

Find the rebates

Expanding the EV Charging infrastructure is among the government's top priorities, so tax and installation incentives are available, allowing you to minimize your investments.

How does it work?

Energy5 is a one-stop shop for your EV Charging infrastructure installation, management, and maintenance. We take care of everything – from initial planning to set up and software support.
Evaluate your site

Consider your existing electrical capacity compared to how many chargers you want, and understand if you need to upgrade your service.

Apply for available rebates

Usually, this is a process that has to happen before the chargers are purchased and installed. Consult our grants and rebate team for more information.

Purchase and install the chargers

Once pre-approved for the rebates/grants, work with our installation providers to install and operate the chargers.

Use the Energy5 network software

Set rates, charge customers, monitor your chargers, and much more.

Maintain your charging infrastructure

Warranty and maintenance options are available through our network of installers.

Perks of EV Charging

Rebates & incentives

In some cases, incentives can cover up to 100% of the project cost. It's an excellent investment but one that needs to be made quickly. The EV Charging infrastructure is still growing, and the government will facilitate its expansion up to a certain point, and this support may not be as proactive in the near future.
Rebates & incentives

Goodwill for the business

By installing EV Charging stations, you're not just promoting cleaner and more sustainable transportation solutions. Your business demonstrates its commitment to going green and reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible. A worthy endeavor that's bound to help you appeal to a larger and more environmentally responsible audience.
Goodwill for the business

Increased revenue

As the demand for EVs is gradually growing, the need for quality EV Charging stations is more obvious than ever before. More drivers will have the opportunity to charge their vehicles on your premises, bringing your business a significant ROI in a brief period.
Increased revenue

Going green

In an era of drastic climate changes, enforce your business’ sustainability and minimize your carbon footprint. By opting to install Energy5 EV Charging Stations, you are improving your company’s energy efficiency and ensuring a greener tomorrow for future generations!
Going green

Cutting expenses

Analyze load management, benefit from time-of-use rates and enroll in Demand Response initiatives using our cutting-edge software that allows controlling your entire EV Charging network with little to no effort. This user-centered, intuitive solution helps achieve the ultimate savings within the very least amount of time feasible.
Cutting expenses

Organizations and businesses we serve

Our in-house EV Charging stations will help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and greater energy savings. We serve a large array of customers, including but not limited to:
Multi-unit buildings
Educational institutions

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) allows business owners to connect their EV Charging Stations to any existing network of their choosing. It's a central management system that gives you as a business owner the flexibility needed to switch between network providers and charging station manufacturers. Much like the Deregulated Markets with their vast selection of Energy Suppliers, the OCPP gives the same privileges to owners of EV chargers. It alleviates the stress from creating large-scale, visible networks since every charging station there runs on a single operating system. OCPP facilitates greater interoperability across the US, putting your business on the map in all the right ways.
Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

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Energy5 simplified the process of integrating the cutting-edge EV Charging infrastructure into your business by employing the most innovative chargers, intuitive software and facilitating greater ROI for your business!

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