Leveraging Edmunds' Guide to Electric Vehicle Battery Life



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13 Jun 2023 8 mins to read

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The proliferation of electric vehicles has been one of the defining trends of the automotive industry in the last decade. But for all of the advantages EVs offer, the biggest challenge for most drivers remains the same – battery life. Where will I charge it?
Leveraging Edmunds' Guide to Electric Vehicle Battery Life

How long will it last? Will I ever need to replace it?

That's why Edmunds' Guide to Electric Vehicle Battery Life is such an invaluable resource. This comprehensive guide offers a wealth of information on battery life, charging, and other key considerations. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know.

Understanding Battery Life

One of the biggest concerns with electric vehicles is their battery life. How long can you expect the vehicle to last and can you trust that the battery won't need to be replaced?

Luckily Edmunds' Guide provides a range of data for you to consider. Depending on the type of vehicle and how you drive, you can expect batteries to last from several years to over a decade. On average, electric vehicle batteries can last for around 150,000 miles. The best way to extend your battery life is to drive sensibly and minimize your use of high-energy activities such as accelerating and braking.

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    EVs can last from several years to over a decade
  • On average, electric vehicle batteries can last for around 150,000 miles
  • High-energy activities such as accelerating and braking can reduce your battery life

Charging Considerations

Charging an electric vehicle is a different process than refueling

Battery Life Hack Edmunds' Expertise Helps Electric Vehicle Owners Extend Battery Use

Many EV owners are looking for ways to extend the lifespan of their car's battery, and that's where Edmunds comes in.

Who is Edmunds?

Edmunds is a trusted authority in the automotive industry. They provide expert reviews, car buying guides, and research tools to help people make informed decisions about their next vehicle purchase. With over 50 years of experience, they have become a go-to source for all things automotive.

How Can Edmunds Help Extend Battery Life?

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Edmunds has put together a comprehensive guide to help EV owners extend the lifespan of their car's battery. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Don't let your car's battery run too low. EV batteries should never be depleted below 20%, as this can cause irreparable damage.
  • Avoid fast charging whenever possible. While fast charging is convenient, it can also shorten the lifespan of your car's battery.
  • Park your car in a cool, shaded area. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can affect battery life.
  • Try to keep your car's battery level between 20% and 80%. This can help prolong its lifespan.
  • Get your car's battery inspected regularly. This can help identify any issues early on and prevent further damage.

Following these tips can help extend the lifespan of your car's battery and save you money in the long run.

The Benefits of Long Battery Life

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Having a long-lasting battery has a lot of advantages, especially for EV owners. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Lower maintenance costs: Replacing a car battery can be expensive. By extending the lifespan of your car's battery, you can save money on replacement costs.
  • Lower emissions: The longer your battery lasts, the less waste you produce and the lower your carbon footprint will be.
  • Increased resale value: A well-maintained battery can increase the resale value of your car, making it a better investment.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your car's battery is in good shape can give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

The Future of EV Batteries

The future of EV batteries is looking bright. New technologies are being developed to make EVs even more efficient and cost-effective. According to a report by Bloomberg NEF, EV batteries are expected to cost less than $100/kWh by 2023, which is considered the tipping point for mass EV adoption. Additionally, new technologies such as solid-state batteries are being developed that could offer even greater range and longer lifespans.


Edmunds' expertise in the automotive industry can be a valuable resource for EV owners looking to extend the lifespan of their car's battery. By following their advice and adopting good battery maintenance habits, EV owners can save money and reduce their carbon footprint. With new battery technologies on the horizon, the future of EVs looks bright.

Maximizing Your Electric Vehicle Battery Life A Guide from Edmunds

Unlike traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs run on batteries and require frequent charging. Unfortunately, simply plugging in your EV every time you get home is not enough to ensure the long-term health of your battery. In this article, we'll cover some tips for maximizing your electric vehicle battery life.

Why is Battery Life Important?

The battery is the lifeblood of an electric vehicle. If it's not functioning properly, the car won't run at all. A battery failure can mean a costly replacement and a disrupted driving experience. However, thinking about battery life is not just about avoiding breakdowns, it's also about maximizing the car's potential to save energy, which will save drivers money and reduce the vehicle's carbon footprint.

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Electric Vehicle Battery

There are several ways to maximize your electric vehicle's battery life. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
  • Charge your battery regularly: EV batteries are designed to be charged frequently and will last longer if you can plug in your vehicle every time you park it.
  • Avoid charging your battery to 100%: Charging your battery to 100% can damage the battery over time, so it's best to only charge it to 80% or 90% if you can.
  • Keep your battery cool: Heat can damage your battery, so it's important to park in the shade when possible or use a battery cooling system to keep your battery temperature down.
  • Avoid rapid charging: Rapid charging can heat up your battery and reduce its lifespan. If you don't need to charge quickly, opt for a slower, more gentle charging method.
  • Plan your trips carefully: Try to plan your trips so that you don't run out of battery power before you reach your destination. Also, minimize your use of energy-intensive features like air conditioning or heating.

The Benefits of Maximizing Your Electric Vehicle Battery Life

Getting the most out of your EV battery offers several benefits.
  • Better Battery Life: Maximizing your battery life means you're less likely to experience battery failure or need a costly replacement.
  • Lower Costs: By reducing the need for frequent charging, you can save money on electricity costs and reduce wear and tear on your battery. Moreover, the cost of charging an EV is a fraction of the cost of filling up a gasoline-powered car.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: By getting the most out of your battery, you'll be able to drive longer distances on a single charge, which means you'll use less electricity and have a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Increased Performance: EVs with well-maintained batteries have better performance than those with worn-out batteries. You'll enjoy better acceleration, handling, and speed.

Industry Statistics on EV Batteries

According to a recent study by Edmunds, EV owners who fully charge their batteries only once a week can expect to add an extra year to their battery's lifespan. Also, EV batteries are becoming more affordable, with costs dropping by roughly 70% over the last decade. Finally, the average range of EVs continues to improve each year, with some models now offering up to 400 miles on a single charge.


Electric vehicles are an exciting development in automotive technology, but getting the most out of your battery is important to ensure a smooth driving experience. By charging your battery regularly, avoiding rapid charging, and keeping your battery cool, you can prolong the life of your battery and enjoy all the benefits that come with owning an electric vehicle.

Edmunds Offers Insightful Tips on Prolonging Electric Vehicle Battery Life

In addition, the battery life of an EV can deteriorate over time, which can mean reduced range and performance. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong the life of your EV’s battery and keep it running smoothly for years to come. Want to know how? Check out these insightful tips from Edmunds:

Tip #1: Understand the Basics

Before you can take steps to prolong your EV’s battery life, you need to understand how it works. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • EV batteries are made up of cells that work together to store and release energy.
  • The battery’s capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), which determines its range and performance.
  • The battery’s state of charge (SOC) indicates how much energy is left in the battery and can affect its lifespan.

Tip #2: Plan Your Charging

Charging your EV is an essential part of ownership, but it’s crucial to do it right. Here are some tips:

  • Charge your EV to a maximum of 80-90% and avoid frequent charging to 100% to reduce stress on the battery cells.
  • Avoid fast charging unless necessary, as it can generate heat and put stress on the battery.
  • Charge your EV when the battery reaches 20-30% SOC, rather than letting it get too low or too high.

Tip #3: Drive Efficiently

Your driving habits can have a significant impact on your EV’s battery life. Here are some tips to help you drive more efficiently:

  • Avoid rapid acceleration, hard braking, and excessive speed, as they can drain the battery quickly.
  • Use cruise control on the highway to maintain a steady speed and reduce energy consumption.
  • Avoid using energy-intensive features like seat heaters, air conditioning, and heated steering wheel too often, as they can drain the battery.

Tip #4: Maintain Your EV’s Battery

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging your EV’s battery life. Follow these tips:

  • Get your battery checked regularly by a certified mechanic to detect any issues early on.
  • Keep your EV’s battery within the recommended temperature range (usually around 20°C), as extreme temperatures can affect its lifespan.
  • Store your EV with a high state of charge (around 50%) if you’re not going to use it for a while.

The Bottom Line:

By following these tips, you can keep your EV’s battery running smoothly for years to come. Remember that your driving habits, charging patterns, and maintenance routines can all affect your battery life, so be mindful and proactive. As more and more people switch to EVs, the demand for sustainable transportation will only continue to grow. By taking care of your EV’s battery, you’re not only prolonging its life but also contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

How to Get the Most Out of Your EV Battery According to Edmunds

Precondition Your Battery

One of the easiest things you can do to get the most out of your EV battery is to precondition it. This means warming up or cooling down the battery before you start driving, depending on the weather. Doing this will help the battery perform at its best and extend its life.

Don't Charge to 100%

Many EV owners believe that you should always charge your battery to 100%, but that's not the case. In fact, it's best to only charge the battery to around 80% on a regular basis. This will help prolong the battery life and reduce the risk of overheating. Only charge to 100% when you need the extra range.

Minimize Fast Charging

Fast charging is convenient, but it's not great for your battery. The high temperatures and increased current can degrade the battery over time. Try to avoid fast charging as much as possible, and only use it when you need the extra range.

Keep Your Battery Cool

Heat is the enemy of EV batteries. If you live in a hot climate, try to park your car in a shaded area, garage, or covered parking. You can also use reflective windshield shades to reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters the cabin. This will keep the battery cooler and prolong its life.

Monitor Your Battery Health

Most EVs have a battery health report or app that you can use to monitor the condition of your battery. Make sure to check it regularly, and if you notice any abnormalities, take your car to a service center as soon as possible. Catching battery issues early can help prevent them from becoming major problems.

Drive Efficiently

One of the most effective ways to get the most out of your EV battery is to drive efficiently. This means accelerating slowly, maintaining a consistent speed, and coasting to a stop when possible. Avoid aggressive driving and sudden stops, as these actions can put unnecessary stress on the battery and reduce its life.

The Bottom Line

Getting the most out of your EV battery is all about taking care of it and driving efficiently. By following the tips we've outlined here, you can extend the life of your battery and get the most driving range out of each charge.

  • Precondition your battery before driving.
  • Don't charge your battery to 100% on a regular basis.
  • Minimize fast charging.
  • Keep your battery cool.
  • Monitor your battery health regularly.
  • Drive efficiently to reduce stress on the battery.

Industry Statistics:

A study conducted by AAA found that EV range decreased by around 40% at 20°F and 12% at 95°F, compared to 75°F. This highlights the importance of keeping your battery cool in hot climates.

According to Edmunds, the average cost of replacing an EV battery is around $5,500. Taking good care of your battery can help you avoid this expense and extend the life of your vehicle.

Power Up Edmunds' Guide to Electric Vehicle Battery Life Ensures Optimal Performance

The EV battery life is a daunting issue, the battery takes huge initial costs to manufacture, and its condition depends on numerous factors. But fear not! Edmunds- the trusted car review site- has organized a comprehensive guide to maximize the life and performance of your electric vehicle batteries.

Why Electric Vehicle Battery Life Matters

The EV battery life influences the range, charging time, and performance of your vehicle. A well-maintained battery ensures optimal range and performance, while a poorly maintained battery limits them. Replacing the battery is also expensive and time-consuming, so it's better to maintain the battery instead of buying a new one. Hence, the EV battery life is a crucial factor in determining a sustainable and cost-effective driving experience.

Factors that Affect EV Battery Life

Several factors can impact electric vehicle battery life. Let's take a look at them:

  • Temperature: Extreme temperatures can damage EV batteries quickly. High temperature increases the risk of battery degradation, while low temperature decreases the battery performance and range.
  • Driving Habits: Aggressive driving, long-distance driving, and frequent acceleration and deceleration can reduce EV battery life.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance checks, battery conditioning, and proper charging habits can elongate EV battery life.
  • Battery Type: The type of battery- Lithium-Ion Batteries, Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries, and Lead-Acid Batteries- affects the EV battery life and performance.

Edmunds' Guide to Maximize Electric Vehicle Battery Life

Edmunds- the leading automotive resource- has compiled a comprehensive guide to help electric vehicle owners maximize the battery life and performance of their EVs. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Keep the Battery Cool: Park your EV in shaded or cool areas, avoid overcharging, and use battery cooling systems to maintain the battery at a moderate temperature.
  • Maintain Smooth Driving Habits: Drive responsibly, avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration, and reduce long-distance trips to maintain the battery life.
  • Charge Your Battery Correctly: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging the battery, use level-2 charging stations when possible, and avoid frequent fast-charging.
  • Maintain Regular Check-ups: Schedule routine maintenance checks, use battery conditioners to maintain the battery's performance, and replace the battery according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Choose Quality EVs and Batteries: Invest in quality EVs and batteries from reputed manufacturers to ensure optimal performance and durability.


The battery life and performance of electric vehicles are the determining factors of their success, viability, and cost-effectiveness. Edmunds' comprehensive guide to maximizing the EV battery life provides electric vehicle owners with valuable tips and tricks to ensure the longevity and performance of their EV batteries. Some of the key takeaways from Edmunds' guide include keeping the battery cool, maintaining smooth driving habits, charging the battery correctly, maintaining regular check-ups, and choosing quality EVs and battery manufacturers. By following these tips, you can maximize the battery life and performance of your electric vehicle and power up a sustainable and eco-friendly driving experience!

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