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By using our intuitive, user-centered energy procurement platform, you will have the unique opportunity to significantly save on energy bills and benefit from the country's leading energy companies and their competitive energy prices. Always at the forefront of innovations, we provide a user-friendly and flexible way to switch and save today!

Discover a reliable procurement platform

Deregulated markets allow consumers to switch energy companies according to their preferences. Our platform will enable you to intuitively and easily explore all the offers available on the Deregulated Markets. We always provide our users with accurate information on current offers and opportunities through strong partnerships with the country's top energy suppliers. Our platform's capabilities offer significant savings on electricity bills by helping you choose the most advantageous offer available.

Switch your energy supplier today

Thanks to our flexible procurement platform, you can find the supplier you need and register an application to switch from the previous one right now! Our platform allows you to compare energy providers, and when you've decided on one, start the process of switching suppliers online. Except for your digital signature, the process does not imply ubiquitous bureaucracy, and the only additional step involves validation from our pricing manager.

Customize your very own energy plans

Based on user input, our platform automatically offers wholly customizable and highly accurate energy plans. Rate Class data allows the platform to quickly and efficiently analyze user needs and deliver customized energy plans. Thus, our platform provides a unique opportunity to choose the best energy supplier from the very beginning. It's easy, intuitive, and incredibly advantageous.

Sign contracts with new suppliers

Our procurement platform provides information on available energy suppliers per gas and electric companies' current pricing policy. This means that using our platform's services, you get access to the most up-to-date information with all costs included in the tariff. If you wonder whether your current supplier will charge additional fees for terminating their current contract, refer to Electricity Facts Label (EFL) and Terms and Conditions (T&C) documents that came with your plan.

Save more on energy prices

Our platform acts as a liaison between the consumer (residential customer or commercial organization) and the energy supplier. Because our platform is impartial, you will be free to choose the energy companies that provide the best deal on your local market based on what's essential for you (price/term/green energy). Take full advantage of all the benefits of Deregulated Markets, compare energy rates, and conclude the most profitable contract in the shortest possible time.

Compare the best energy plans

Our platform provides a unique opportunity to compare energy providers in real-time, which will allow you to quickly and efficiently select the supplier that would meet all your needs. Since we work with the most reliable energy supply companies, we are ready to guarantee that you will find an offer that would allow you to save on energy bills significantly. Our home goal is to provide users with complete freedom of choice, allowing them to decide what is best for their needs.

Design competitive energy purchasing strategy

With years of combined industry experience, as well as strong and reliable relationships with the country's leading energy suppliers, we can confidently say that our procurement platform provides the highest quality services. It allows you to make the right choice based on your selection criteria. We have curated a list of the most competitive energy services currently available for the user through our national network of best-rated energy providers.

Explore trusted energy companies

We work with energy suppliers from all over the country, and our network is continuously expanding. Thus, you will have the opportunity to explore the most advantageous offers on the market. This will allow you to make an informed decision to switch your current energy supplier to a new one. With us, finding energy companies that would fully satisfy your needs and provide competitive prices for any services offered is easier than ever before.

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