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Energy5 is a one-stop-shop for all things energy. Use it to switch your energy supplier, perform LED retrofit or install EV Chargers for the benefit of your business.

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Your partner in energy management

The Energy5 brand has a solid foundation in US Energy Solutions, our parent company. With years of combined experience in managing LED installations, performing lighting audits, promoting renewable energy sources, and focusing on energy procurement & grid optimization, Energy5 can help your business boost its energy efficiency and bring actual energy savings. Thus, our platform provides a unique opportunity to choose the best energy supplier, carry out a successful Lighting Retrofit or get an EV Charging infrastructure for your place of business – all in one app.
Our in-house software is designed to serve as a liaison between the Energy industry and everyday users. If you’re looking to increase your business’ energy efficiency but wish to avoid all the hassle, our platform is the ideal solution for you. It’s easy, fast, and takes only a few clicks. At Energy5, we firmly believe that energy management is just as important for any business as the next big contract you’re about to sign. It can be your ticket to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. We offer a full range of energy management solutions that bring tangible results in the short- and long-term perspective.
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Our vision

Is a greener, more sustainable approach to energy management
We advocate a vision of an eco-friendly future that enables the community to build real value, facilitating a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.
Our vision

Our mission

Is a strong commitment to the environment
We’re making every effort to help businesses become more energy-efficient, reduce their carbon footprint through intuitive and flexible software platforms, offering accurate information and customized solutions to our customers.
Our mission

Our values

At Energy5, we believe that our solutions and services contribute to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

Our software solutions are based on innovative concepts designed to bring tangible results nationwide to residential and commercial clients.


We devise our digital products with future growth in mind, which allows us to modify them according to the ever-changing industry standards.


We design intuitive software solutions that are easy to use and bring tangible value to every customer.


Our solutions are a by-product of undivided dedication to the end goal – to deliver top-of-the-line services accessible to everyone.


We believe that the energy choices should lie in the consumers' hands as they are free to choose how to approach their energy management.

Why Energy5?


Retail Energy management to switch your energy suppliers; Lighting Retrofit services to carry out scalable retrofits; EV Charging to help your business gear up for the future of charging infrastructure. Our app integrates all of the above, giving the users an unparallelled array of customizable features tailored according to their needs.

Intuitive navigation

Energy5 is designed with all possible consumer needs in mind. Regardless of whether you are an ordinary consumer or a highly qualified professional in the relevant industry, Energy5 provides equally convenient and practical opportunities to put your energy management processes on the right track.
Intuitive navigation

Ease of use

By integrating the most cutting-edge technology solutions, our energy procurement platform offers an easy-to-understand user journey allowing you to search and compare energy rates, schedule LED retrofits, and order EV Chargers for your business through a single app.
Ease of use

Unlimited possibilities

Our energy procurement platform's purpose is very straightforward - to provide energy consumers with equally unrestricted access to a vast database of energy companies, help them make the most from their retrofitting needs, and gear their businesses up with the right quantity of EV Chargers.
Unlimited possibilities

Complete customization

Using Energy5, you will have the opportunity to eliminate the salesperson and handle every step of the process using automated algorithms aimed at helping you boost your energy efficiency and save on energy in all the right ways, both for regular consumers and larger enterprises using energy resources in their daily operations.
Complete customization

Safeguard your business
with the best fixed energy rates

We help businesses get affordable and predictable energy prices. Pick from our list of top available Energy Suppliers on the market and make the right call with Energy5.