At a time when Energy pricing inflation is at an all-time high, Energy5 is your trusted partner in Energy Efficiency
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What is Energy5?

Energy5 is a standalone brand created by US Energy Solutions, a full-service nationwide ESCO laser-focused on promoting Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Financial Literacy leading to budgeting and savings through an array of Energy Services.

Energy5 was designed as a unique Energy Management platform aiming to achieve 100% Energy Efficiency for Residential and Commercial consumers nationwide.

There are three key cornerstones at the backbone of Energy5
Helping Residents & Businesses decrease their Energy expenses.
Promoting sustainable and impactful Energy products and services.
Using Digital Technologies and automation to leverage value-producing opportunities.

Our story

Universal application

The concept of Energy5, a digital Energy Management platform for everyone, got into shape at the beginning of the pandemic. Back then, the need for Digital Transformation and digitalization became more apparent than ever.

Energy5 was created as a response to that need. Its goal was to streamline every aspect of Energy Management for residential and commercial users, allowing them to take the necessary decisions literally on the go.

Real people with real Energy needs are at the heart of everything we do. Energy5 is a unique digital platform with various Energy Management solutions under one roof. Its purpose is to help users achieve Energy Efficiency for both their households and businesses.

What we offer

At the moment, the Energy5 platform includes the following products and services:

Retail Energy
An easy-to-use and highly efficient digital tool for Energy Procurement. With its help, households and businesses nationwide can switch their Energy Suppliers, choosing the best fixed energy rates and deals on gas & electricity at the click of a button.
Turnkey end-to-end EV Charging Infrastructure solutions that help businesses purchase and install cutting-edge EV chargers, acquire the best rebates and financing options, and manage their EV Charging network in one fell swoop.
An in-house, AI-based app that allows users to perform Lighting Audits in a DIY manner, using only their smartphones. The app identifies outdated lighting and suggests the best-recommended alternatives to promote Energy Efficiency and save on energy.

What we stand for

At a time when Energy pricing inflation is at an all-time high, Energy5 is your trusted partner in Energy Efficiency.

We help businesses and residents find new opportunities to save on energy, generate new revenue streams and improve sustainability.

From reducing your energy expenses to increasing your revenue and helping you go green, Energy5 is all about aiding you or your business achieve Energy Efficiency.

*At Energy5, your energy goals are our number one priority.

Be free to choose the best deals on gas & electricity in your area.

Cut your energy expenses and gain peace of mind with the best fixed energy rates out there! Save money and increase predictability for your house or

Pick smarter lighting choices by upgrading to energy-efficient LEDs.

Perform a DIY lighting audit with the help of our app and get the best lighting recommendations on the go. Save on energy and reduce your carbon footprint in one go.

Gain a new revenue stream for your business with the help of EV Charging.

Get end-to-end turnkey EV Charging solutions, benefit from cost-cutting rebates and funding and use Energy5 software to manage your network on the go.

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Frequently asked questions

Our main office is located in New Jersey, but we help businesses all over the US. You can find us at 300 W Somerdale Rd, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043, USA.

You can contact us with any relevant issues via phone or email or submit an online inquiry regarding your home or business energy efficiency, and our firms’ representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Email address:

Phone number: 574-339-7976

Energy5 is a registered USA brand that promotes energy efficiency under its sister company - US Energy Solutions Inc. Our company follows all state and federal legislature, regularly pays taxes, and has transparent financial activity. We've established trustworthy partnerships with multiple energy providers in the US, and our reputation makes us a reliable partner in energy efficiency among other energy consulting firms in America.

You can contact sales using the same email address and phone number provided in the FAQ section "How do I contact customer service?". Our sales experts will answer any question regarding the company's energy-saving solutions: LED retrofitting, EV chargers, and Retail Energy.

Our Energy5 experts can travel and offer energy-saving solutions in multiple states in the US. You can also access our services and products through our digital platform and contact us anytime for further information. For more details, submit the form on this page, and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.

Yes, we offer efficient energy solutions in collaboration with trusted and time-tested retail energy providers - USG&E inc, APG&E LLC, Constellation LLC, Direct Energy LLC, Hudson LLC, AEP inc, Public Power LLC, Energy Rewards LLC, Major Energy LLC, Marathon Energy inc, and others.

There are 2 ways to start working with Energy5: contacting us by email or phone regarding energy-saving solutions or using our digital platform. You can achieve energy efficiency for your home or business with resources from not just one but two companies simultaneously - US Energy Solution Inc. is the sister company that shares years of expertise in energy-saving solutions with us. Regardless of how you start your journey, you can rest assured that we guarantee and deliver outstanding service.

If you use our digital platform for efficiency, your current payment status for purchased energy products or services should be displayed in your Energy5 company/residential account. Go to account settings and upgrade your payment status if the app allows it. In case it's not possible to do it online, get in touch, and we'll solve this issue for you.